BURGISTEIN, Switzerland, November 30th 2015– Reputelligence Publishing will today release a new book that will teach anyone interested in social engineering the skills to do it properly, professionally and ethically.

Written by authors Dominique C. Brack and Alexander Bahram, “Social Engineering Engagement Frame- Work (SEEF),” will address Social Engineering like no other written work has ever before.

“Reading this book will teach you how SE attacks are being performed, the background and underlying principles of these attacks, and how to detect and mitigate them,” the authors said of their eagerly anticipated new book.

Using real scenarios and detailing how to mitigate them Brack and Bahram explain everything in an easy and understandable way, giving lots of examples and information.

Additionally since social engineering is such a people-oriented topic, a large part of the book is dedicated to sociological and psychological topics.

As senior professionals in the information-security field, both Brack and Bahram understand the challenges and know what it takes to protect and safeguard corporate assets.

“We have helped many of the world’s most dynamic and ambitious companies develop their information- security posture,” the authors noted.

However in their signature offbeat style the authors warn if you expect a totally finished and polished phone 8582562535 , politically correct publication then this candid book may not be for you.

“It’s rough, incomplete, probably biased and pragmatic,” the authors said.

Mixing practical applications, experience based and best practice approaches, “Social Engineering Engagement Frame- Work (SEEF)” offers the most comprehensive view on social engineering today and will boost you to the front of social engineering tomorrow.

Contact: Dominique C. BRACK

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Dominique C. Brack, is a highly qualified, top-performing IT security professional who has worked with the likes of KPMG, Deloitte and Hewlett-Packard and currently works with SPIE ICS AG over his 20-year career. He has extensive international experience across Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and Europe. He brings together a remarkable background and achievements across network and systems security, data integrity and recovery, risk assessment, customer/account relationship management, project management and staff leadership/team building. He is a globally recognized expert in information security, including identity theft, social-media exposure, data breach, cyber security, human manipulation and online- reputation management.

Alexander Bahram, is a highly respected computer forensic expert with an 18-year career spanning Australia, Europe and Asia with companies such as KPMG and Ernst & Young. He is held in high esteem in risk analysis and the application of security technology to developed integrated responses to security and crime risks. Alexander started work in 1997 as an insurance broker with AXA Insurance, which he pursued for 3 years. For the next 11 years, he was a senior manager with KPMG, during which he completed his master’s degree at the University of Applied Science, Cologne. His diploma thesis was on “Information Warfare and the influence to the Competitive Intelligence.”SEEFBookCover-Front-01 book press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - UNLOCK THE SKILLS OF SOCIAL ENGINEERING ENGAGEMENT MANAGEMENT SEEFBookCover Front 01